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We Fight For Compensation For Injured Cruise Passengers

Are you tired of battling a cruise line for cruise ship accident compensation but they don’t take your complaints seriously?

Has a cruise line offered you a voucher for your injuries, but it doesn’t compensate what you’ve been through?

Have other law firms turned you away because your accident occurred in international waters or a foreign country?

Has another law firm started your case, but you’re not receiving the service you expected?

Don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place.

We work solely in travel and cruise law.  We are passionate about helping injured cruise passengers bring compensation claims after accidents on cruise ships and during shore excursions.  We have the experience and expertise you need on your side, to stand up for your rights and help you on your journey to justice.

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

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Cruise Ship Accidents

Compensation for passengers injured on board cruise ships.

Shore Excursion Accident Lawyers

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Shore Excursion Accidents

Personal injury claims for cruise passengers injured on shore excursions.

Aircraft Accidents Lawyer

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Aircraft Accidents

Compensation claims for passengers injured during air travel.

Tour Accident Lawyers and travel law experts Australia

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Tour Accidents

Personal injury claims for travellers injured on tour holidays.

Accidents Overseas Lawyer helping travel law experts Australia

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Accidents Overseas

Compensation claims following overseas accidents in hotels, resorts and on the road.

Visitors Injured Australia Lawyer

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Visitors Injured in Australia

Personal injury claims for people injured whilst visiting, studying and working in Australia.


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our founder’s previous clients.

Why Victory Travel & Cruise Lawyers

Not sure if we’re a good fit? Here’s a little more information to help you decide.

We Fight For Justice

We’re not intimidated by big cruise lines. Your rights matter, and we’ll fight for them.

Proven Expertise

Our founder has worked in travel and cruise law since 2010, securing compensation from countless cruise lines for accidents onboard vessels and on shore excursions.

Stress-Free Experience

We take the stress out of the compensation claim process, so that you can concentrate on getting your life back on track.

No Win No Fee

We accept cruise cases on a No Win No Fee basis, allowing you to access our expertise at no cost or risk to you.

Friendly Team

Using a lawyer shouldn’t be intimidating. Our founder is warm and compassionate and will put you at ease from your first call.

Australia-Wide Coverage

We use technology and serviced offices to offer our expertise to clients nationwide