Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer Explains Law in Webinar

Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer Explains Law in Webinar

Cruise ship injury lawyer Victoria Roy participated in a webinar on 12 April 2022 put on by the Australian Lawyers Alliance.  The topic of the webinar was jurisdictional lessons learnt from the Costa Concordia disaster.

US cruise ship injury lawyer Carlos Llinas-Negret gave a presentation on the rights of cruise ship passengers under US maritime law.

Here we see Victoria Roy, a leading Australian cruise ship injury lawyer, comparing the rights of cruise accident victims under Australian law with US law.

In this clip Victoria explains that it is not always Australian law that applies to passenger claims following cruise ship injuries.  The applicable law depends on where the accident occurred (e.g. in port or on the high seas), the cruise contract, and whether the Australian Consumer Law applies.

Victoria later advises that for injured Australians bringing cruise ship injury claims, what you can claim compensation for is mostly the same under Australian law as US maritime law in very general terms.

However, the laws of Australian states and territories have caps and thresholds. These do not exist in US maritime law. US maritime law can therefore often lead to more compensation being awarded than Australian law.

Victoria works closely with cruise ship injury lawyers in the US and around the world.  As an injured Australian cruise ship passenger, Victoria can therefore assist with your claim no matter where you are injured.

This video does not comprise legal advice and neither Victory Travel & Cruise Lawyers nor the author accepts any responsibility for it.  For advice on your specific circumstances, book an appointment with a lawyer.

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