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Tour Accidents

As tour accident lawyers, we are experts in assisting holidaymakers who are injured during tour holidays.

Tour holidays are becoming increasingly popular for Australians of all ages, from school leavers to retirees. Rail tours, adventure tours, food tours, walking tours, family friendly tours, European coach tours…the list goes on!

Tour holidays are loved by so many because the tour company does the planning, and you can sit back and experience the destinations along the way. However, with this planning comes responsibility. If you suffer an accident during a tour holiday, you may be able to claim compensation from the tour operator.  That’s where our tour accident lawyers can help.

What happens if I am injured on a tour holiday?

Here are our top 3 pieces of advice if you’ve been injured on a tour holiday:

  1. Seek medical treatment. This is important both for your health and to record your injuries. If you are overseas, Medicare won’t cover you. It is therefore a sensible idea to take our travel insurance before you go on holiday.
  2. Take photographs of the scene of your accident. Whether you are in a tour bus crash, or trip down stairs at a cultural theme night, it is important to take photographs of the scene of your accident. If you decide to bring a tour accident compensation claim, it will be expensive to go back to the scene of your accident, and by the time you return things could have changed.
  3. Report the accident to your tour rep. Regardless of who you think was at fault at the time, make a written report of your accident to your tour rep and ask for a copy.

What types of tour accidents can you help with?

Our founder and principal solicitor’s Victoria Roy’s expertise in tour accident compensation claims includes:

  • Tour bus crashes
  • Trips, slips and falls in overnight accomodation
  • Trips, slips and falls during organised excursions

If you have been injured whilst on a tour holiday, contact us to see if we can help you.

My accident happened on a tour holiday overseas, can you still help me?

Absolutely! We specialise in bringing compensation claims for Australians who have been injured overseas.

What laws apply to accidents on tour holidays?

The law that applies to accidents on tour holidays is complicated.

The first consideration is the law of the country where your accident occurred. However, the compensation laws of other countries are often not as generous as Australia’s.

This is why we are experts in establishing claims against tour operators under Australian law, even if the accident was caused by a foreign subcontractor.

Should I complain to the tour company if I have an accident on tour?

Yes. It is important to inform your tour representative immediately after your accident occurs, regardless of who you think was at fault at the time.  Your report will help to prove what happened if you later bring a compensation claim. Your rep will also be able to arrange for you to receive medical treatment.

Can I sue a foreign tour company for an accident that I had during their tour?

Yes, regardless of whether your tour operator is Australian or foreign, you are able to sue them for compensation if you are unable to settle your case.

Generally speaking, it is possible to sue foreign tour operators in Australia if they sell tours to Australian consumers.

If in your case it is not possible to sue in Australia, you will be able to sue the tour operator in the country that they are registered in. We work with a worldwide network of trusted expert personal injury lawyers who we know personally, so if you have to sue in a foreign country, we can still help you.

What time limits apply to tour accident compensation claims?

The time limit that applies to compensation claims arising from accidents on tour holidays varies depending on where your accident occurred.

For some countries such as the Dominican Republic, the time limit can be as short as six months.

It is best to seek expert legal advice from an experienced travel lawyer if you have been injured overseas. Our Victoria Roy has been working in travel law since 2010 and can advise you on the time limit that applies to your claim.

What should I look for when choosing between tour accident lawyers?

When researching tour accident lawyers to represent you, we suggest that you ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. What experience do they have? The law relating to accidents that occur on tour holidays is complicated. Lawyers unfamiliar with this area may tell you that they cannot help because the accident occurred overseas. Our Victoria Roy is experienced in establishing connections between accidents with Australian law, as well as suing under foreign law when required.
  2. How knowledgable are they on travel law? Compensation claims for accidents that occur on tour holidays are more complex than personal injury claims that happen in Australia.  Whilst general personal injury lawyers may advise that they cannot assist you, we work in this niche area every day.  Our Victoria Roy also frequently speaks at conferences and writes articles to train other lawyers about travel law. If you want to be represented by the lawyer who trains other lawyers, look no further!
  3. Will they pass your file to less qualified staff, or deal with it personally? We are not a big law firm. We do not have a call centre or a bank of secretaries and paralegals to screen your phone calls.  We won’t promise you an expert lawyer and delegate your file to a junior. All our clients are given a personalised service by our founder Victoria Roy, and we’re proud of it.
  4. What do they charge? If we are able to bring your tour accident compensation case in Australia under Australian law, we will do so on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that if we don’t win you compensation, you don’t have to pay for our work. Some countries do not allow No Win No Fee agreements. If this applies to your case, we will explain your funding options. Either way, thanks to our tech-savvy approach and  low overheads the hourly rate that we charge is very competitive compared to other law firms.
  5. Do you like them? This is the most important question to ask yourself. Receiving expert legal advice from your lawyer should be a given, but you need good rapport with your lawyer to work together to get the best results. You should feel empowered not intimidated, at ease to ask questions, and heard.  Our Victoria Roy is likeable, approachable and genuinely cares about her clients. Click here to find out more about her, or book a free no-obligation initial appointment. If you don’t feel comfortable proceeding with us after speaking to Victoria, that’s fine – we won’t be offended.