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We Focus On Our Strength:
Being Australia's Travel & Cruise Law Experts

As travel law experts in Australia, we’re not distracted by multiple areas of personal injury law.

Our passion is helping injured travellers. Our strength is travel and cruise law.

If you have been injured on a cruise, aircraft, tour or simply whilst travelling, you need a specialist lawyer on your side.  We have the combination of experience, expertise and compassion to bring you expert legal advice while making you feel heard.

We are here to help injured travellers just like you. Find out more about our expertise below.

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

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Cruise Ship Accidents

Compensation for passengers injured on board cruise ships.

Shore Excursion Accident Lawyers

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Shore Excursion Accidents

Personal injury claims for cruise passengers injured on shore excursions.

Aircraft Accidents Lawyer

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Aircraft Accidents

Compensation claims for passengers injured during air travel.

Tour Accident Lawyers and travel law experts Australia

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Tour Accidents

Personal injury claims for travellers injured on tour holidays.

Accidents Overseas Lawyer helping travel law experts Australia

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Accidents Overseas

Compensation claims following overseas accidents in hotels, resorts and on the road.

Visitors Injured Australia Lawyer

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Visitors Injured in Australia

Personal injury claims for people injured whilst visiting, studying and working in Australia.

Our Success Stories

Our Victoria Roy has had the privilege of helping countless travellers win accident compensation.  As one of the leading travel law experts in Australia, she has a remarkable track record.

Victoria’s success is not only in the financial outcomes achieved for clients, but in providing a caring and genuine service every step of the way.

Victoria has successfully helped cruise passengers obtain compensation for accidents in various scenarios including slips and falls on board, tender boat transfers, shore excursions.  Victoria has also won compensation for air passengers injured on aircraft and in airport buildings, travellers on tour holidays, Australians overseas and overseas visitors to Australia.  If you have been injured abroad or whilst travelling, Victoria has probably previously represented a client injured in the same circumstances as you.

Travel and cruise law is complex.  This is why if you have been injured on  a cruise, aircraft or overseas, you need the advice of one of the travel law experts in Australia who has handled cases like yours before – and won.
To read examples of Victoria’s past success stories, visit our case studies page here.